Gift Box Tritan™ tableware A-Z


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Classics in a Suitcase is the name of the stylish and personal gift for kids: a personal plate, personal cup and a bowl featuring letters from A-Z. Everything comes in a cool suitcase which is a piece of toy in itself. The Material is highest quality and perfect for kids: drop safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, unbreakable. Made of Tritan™ which is BPA/BPS/EA free, extremely impact resistant and tolerates high temperatures. The complete set is available in A-Z.

Suitcase 15x18x8.5 cm., cup 7x7.5 cm., plate 17.5x14x1.5 cm, bowl 11x11x4.2cm.

Tableware: Tritan. Suitcase: cardboard.